“Jarret and his team at Gemmill, Johnston & Jeffries PC helped me navigate a very complicated divorce and child visitation schedule. Jarret was always available and compassionate to each development while remaining steadfast in negotiating the best terms for me and my children. He walked me through not only the confusing legal process and pressures but prepared me emotionally for each turn and challenge. I am forever grateful for his time, effort and support. ”
- L. W.

“Blake Jeffries was recently my lawyer, I had no idea about the process of a separation, including property division and parental time. Mr. Jeffries made it easy to understand, and he was really straight forward. He made me feel comfortable in such an unknown territory. You could tell he cares about his clients. I left feeling very happy with the conclusion of my case.”

Robi-Ann W.

“I dealt with Jarret, very professional comes up with a game plan for your separation and sticks to it. He only changes if you tell him to. In the end, I feel that I got a better than fair deal. If Jarret hadn’t helped me stay focused I might not of got the deal that I did.”

Ian P.

“I have been with them for years. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have done wills, purchase/sale of a house, legal advice, death of spouse and more. Very happy with me lawyer and the reception is lovely. I have called to ask questions before and my lawyer was in court, so the lady on the phone was very helpful and able to answer my questions. I love that they are a close team and work together on many things. Highly recommend.”

Erin B.